Top 5 Late Night Party Snacks | Late Night Snacks | Top 5 Snacks | Hamburger Sliders

As anyone who loves to throw a party knows, the later it goes, the better the party! Weddings and special events are no different, and this year we’ve seen a trend of parties going late into the night.  With guest staying to play for longer, it’s nice to offer a little midnight or late night snack, a little something to cool you down or keep your energy up to dance the night away.  Below, we have some great examples of late night snacks to consider:

Doughnuts:  Who doesn’t love a good donut?  Today’s donuts are not just your basic simple powdered sugar or glazed, but instead, gourmet creations to suit any taste!  If you like a little savory with your sweet, how about a bacon maple glazed? | Late Night Snacks | Top 5 Snacks | Donuts

Ice Cream Sandwiches: The COOLHAUS truck is one of LA’s best kept secrets.  With custom ice cream sandwiches and branded edible wrappers to match, having this truck show up after the lights go down is not just for the kids!  Pick your cookie, your ice cream flavors, and your wrapper and you’ve got a snack that is sure to make your guests come running! | Late Night Snacks | Top 5 Snacks | Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwiches

Hawaiian Shave Ice: When you’re hot and sweaty, NOTHING tastes better then a cold, crisp shaved ice!  Have all the flavors on hand to suit any taste and let your guests go crazy choosing their own flavors.  It won’t weigh you down and you’ll still be ready to dance more after a little refresh! | Late Night Snacks | Top 5 Snacks | Hawaiian Shaved Ice

Cookies & Milk: Grownups love their favorite childhood snack just as much as ever, especially when you add the gourmet twist of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and adorable vintage milk jars! | Late Night Snacks | Top 5 Snacks | Milk and Cookies

Burgers & Fries:  Last but certainly not least is true party sustenance, burgers and fries!  Hire the In-N-Out truck to provide late night rations like only California can do.  This is guaranteed to be a huge hit and talked about for a long time to come! | Late Night Snacks | Top 5 Snacks | In N Out Hamburgers

Luxe Tip: If you can spring for it, what about a variety of food trucks to delight your party-goers?  The Free Range LA Truck (breakfast items), The Lobos Truck (comfort food), and Urban Oven (pizza truck) are all amazing options to give your guests all the choices they could want!