Top 5 Ice Cream Spots We Love | Top 5 Ice Cream Picks | Sprinkles Ice Cream

Residing in Southern California with year round 70-80 degrees weather is a great excuse for ice cream all day any day. Who said ice cream is only for summer.  We rate our top 5 LA and OC ice cream parlors. We judged it based on the finest ingredients, best tasting flavors, impressive toppings, and just because. We start with Sprinkles Ice Cream.  Winner of the longest line.  Sprinkles famous originally for their vast variety of cupcakes with my favorite, sweet cream cheese frosting icing over  red velvet cake and a sugar dot.  Rather than just 2 scoops of coffee almond fudge in a cone which is already pretty fab, substitute the calories for one scoop of chocolate chip ice cream topped with a chocolate marshmallow cupcake.  They offer a darling red ice cream catering cart for private parties and if you don’t have time to wait in line, they now ship ice cream nationwide. Read more HERE! | Top 5 Ice Cream Picks | Handcrafted Afters Ice Cream

Afters Ice Cream – Winner of cool toppings. Home of the Milky Bun and motto that ice cream is cheaper than therapy.  Forget the sugar cone, it’s not special enough. Cut open a donut and pick an ice cream and add some toppings! Not just rainbow sprinkles and chocolate chips but choose from captain crunch, mini cookies, crushed oreos, fruity pebbles, frosted flakes, cinnamon toast crunch and mochi balls. | Top 5 Ice Cream Picks | Sweet Rose Creamery

Sweet Rose Creamery – Winner of the finest ingredients.  With 5 locations in LA, they have access to the Santa Monica’s Farmers Market to source fresh seasonal fruits and herbs to make their batches of ice cream and sorbet.  Their antibiotic- free milk is from Clover Organic Farm arrives a their plant the same day the cows are milked and it is fresh pasteurized to ensure quality.  Read more HERE! | Top 5 Ice Cream Picks | Cauldron Ice Cream

Cauldron Ice Cream – Winner of unique flavors.  Everyone loves sweet and salty right? Their blend of the sea salt caramel crunch is to die as their added pretzels give it that notable crunch. Our favorite is the earl grey lavender, it’s as pretty as it tastes.  For rose loves, their H2O Rose, has a delicate smooth floral flavor garnished with coat of rose sugar.  House favorite is their vanilla cinnamon ice cream with oreo cookies and thin mint cookies, named “The Cauldron” obviously. | Top 5 Ice Cream Picks | Chunk N Chip

Chunk N Chip – Winner of Ice Cream on Wheels.  They offer catering, fundraising, and a really neat ice cream truck. Craft Ice Cream Sammich, best of both worlds, delicious ice cream and ooey- gooey cookies.  Some our favorite combos: snicker doodle cookies with lavender blueberry, lemon zest cookie with lemon grass ginger and graham craker with banana cream pie with bourbon and salted caramel. Read more HERE!