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Meal delivery might very well be the best invention since sliced bread (or salads), but Sakara takes it to another level with their clean-eating take on nutrition.  Created by Danielle, a former actress and model and Whitney, a Wall Street executive, their philosophy is based on the science behind a plant-based diet, gluten-free, superfood rich diet. They paired to up to craft a highly nutrient-dense diet designed specifically to make you feel beautiful and empowered through food.

Meal Delivery is only where Sakara begins.  Selecting Sakara for your meals is more than just ordering salads here and there, it is a lifestyle created to heal your body and your mind by providing you exactly what you need for clear skin, weight loss, higher functioning mental clarity, and an overall feeling of wellness.  In their Clean Boutique, they have an entire range of products including probiotics, cleanses, dressings, and even clean, balanced cocktail mixers!  Focusing on the science behind wellness has allowed Sakara to create more than just meals that show up at your doorstep–they are creating a way for people to look and feel their best in all areas of their lives. | Sakara Meal Delivery Service | SoCal Lifestyle
sakara-meal-delivery-03 | Sakara Meal Delivery Service | SoCal | Sakara Meal Delivery Service | SoCal Lifestyle

Luxe Tip: For those who don’t want to worry about meal planning or grocery shopping, use Sakara for your complete meal provider!  Subscribe weekly to have your meals, snacks, juices and snack items delivered fresh to your doorstep to take all of the work and thinking out of weight loss.

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