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Wanna Chill?  It’s no longer just a question about getting together, but instead, an invitation the latest craze spanning from NYC to LA – Cryotherapy!  Cryotherapy has been primarily used for athletes in the past and has benefits such as joint pain relief, treatment for inflammation and enhancing athletic blood flow and performance but studies show that the benefits and even more significant and great for so many other purposes!  Weight loss, cellulite reduction, treatment of various diseases and disorders such as asthma and depression, anxiety, you name it, and freezing several times per week can help it!

When you go to your Cryotherapy appointment, you can choose from a single or multi-person chamber where you will be enclosed from the neck down.  An operator will monitor your blood oxygen levels while releasing nitrogen to cool the chamber.  According to Ice Lab in Costa Mesa, the best results are achieved when you chill 5-10 times in a row, separated by 1-2 days of rest.  The treatments are short, only 2-3 minutes long, and you wear protective clothing and gloves to ensure that your skin is safe from the extreme cold (it lowers your body surface temperature 30-50 degrees).  There have been no severe reactions ever recorded in the several decades that Cryotherapy has been used.

With centers popping up in major metro areas, we are sure the Cryotherapy is the health wave of the future!  So next time a friend asks you if you want to chill, your answer should unequivocally be “YES”! | Los Angeles Cryotherapy | Benefits of Cryotherapy | Love Luxe Life | Healthy Tips

Luxe Tip: Try the “Ultimate Freeze Week” at Icelab, where you can do up to two treatments each day for one week, or even the Unlimited Monthly plan where you can drop in anytime you like!

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