What is luxury?  It’s a feeling and a lifestyle attainable to only a few who desire the very best of everything.  Luxury weddings, events and the luxury lifestyle are what we seek to pursue and to share with you.

Join us as we present decadent decor, wedding and event locations, extravagant excursions, and of course consume the worthiest of delicacies. Sit with us through morning chats with creative visionaries as they share how they turned their passion into empires. Indulge with us as we collect exclusive beauty and fashion products and visit hedonistic spas to pursue our endless obsession to find the fountain of youth. Tour the enclaves and collections of the privileged.  We will participate in hasty shuffles to open the doors to farm to table dinners and find the MUST eats in town, all the while enticing you to change out of the work suit and head out to the edge of sexy - for the nightlife.

Is there an engagement or a special occasion in your future? Together we will explore what it takes to provide your guests with luxurious details and experiences. Gaze with us upon endless images of delicate lace wedding gowns, dreamy ceremony locations, treasure chest jewels, luscious linens, feasting tables fit for royalty, sugar flowers dancing on the cake, and peonies peonies peonies…. these all define the meaning of luxury weddings and events, produced by the most talented and imaginative professionals.  Affairs of the privileged are a team event and each team member is the epitome of expertise and ingenuity.    Must have looks? Glamour trends? Lifestyle ideas? The favored aesthetician? Preeminent products? Shop with us….we believe if the shoe fits, splurge on fashion!   See the world through our rose colored glasses……rose gold, of course.